Seeing red

I know I shouldn’t write about this. But I have to. Just so I could vent. And that I am always reminded to be on my toes.

But this cannot happen again. You, my dear aunt, will not do that to my child again. Ever.

I was too shocked to react right away. My love for my own mother, your sister, was what kept me rooted to the spot. Clawing at you and tearing your eyes out seemed like a good idea at that time. But it would not do me any good. And it would have given my mother a heart attack, which I cannot afford.

It was almost like watching a bad movie. Yes I watched while you screamed like a banshee at my three-year old daughter for being what was expected of a three-year old–makulit. I really want to kick myself as I just watched while you humiliated my daughter to your heart’s content. You had the nerve and I let you. I am almost as guilty as you picking on somebody way below your size and age and maturity. What you did dredged up those awful memories I had of you when I was still young. How could my own mother let you trample all over us kids before?

But I will not let you do that again. Not in this lifetime. Over my dead body. You will not turn your nose up like that again.

And I thought having been sick and almost at the door of your creator has touched you and mellowed you and made you appreciative of life, love and your family. Guess I was unfortunately so wrong. You never changed. You still think you walk on water. Who else thinks this? I don’t think your own husband and children do. Baka nanay ko lang in all her blinded love for you as her older sister. Next time, hindi ko na sya kayang isipan pa pag niyurakan mo pa ang pamilya ko.

I will be more on guard. If I ever see you again.

Really. What the F.

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