The godfather

You wouldn’t believe it, but it is my 30-year hubby who served as one of the principal sponsors at a former colleague’s wedding. lol.


Looking very dapper, don’t he?

My very shy, but very kalog (sorry I couldn’t find the exact same translation) office mate, who actually got hitched (much too early I think) a couple of years ago before following his mate to Japan, finally found the altar this time. And the husband, whom he went with to conduct our community education campaign on human trafficking in Bicol sometime ago, had the honor of being one of the godparents.

Since it was right smack in the middle of our Christmas break, there were only a few of us who went and the groom seemed to be overjoyed that we made it. He told me not too long ago that he was used to being alone. Almost all of his adult life, he had to fend for himself. His mother lives in Mindoro, several hours bus and boat rides from Manila, and this siblings are all overseas. I felt a little tug at my heart and felt a little sorry for him, but that situation didn’t seem to bother him at all. What a great guy. Maybe this is why he settled very early when he hasn’t even broken the quarter century mark–he was too rooted. Some would even envy how perfectly contented he was. Maybe he felt she was the only one left for him in the world.

Congratulations kids! Live a good life.








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