Paskong Bulilit

The saying goes that Christmas is for kids. Mostly anyway. Don’t we all feel like kids at heart every time the Christmas season rolls around? And I can say this is especially true, that parents go the extra mile just so their kid/s have a really wonderful and memorable Christmas.

I was doubly glad that the office held a special party before we took a break, for the kids of the employees (whether our own, or nieces, nephews and grandkids of others). Thank you Admin!

Unfortunately for my own Mischa, it her nap time, and given her not-so-merry nature, she was a little out of it. I sure wished that she had more fun, participated in the games, and mingled with the other kids. But as with other things, I absolutely cannot force this strong-willed tot. And then I had to comfort her when she saw and “complained” that the other kids had toys, trinkets and other kiddie what-nots when did not. I had to explain and make her understand that she had to join and win the toys herself. Hay, lessons in a kid’s life. One of the ups and downs of being an only child is that you tend to take things for granted, and think everything’s yours for the taking simply because it is that way at home. And that you have to work hard to attain what you want in life. It must have been pretty overwhelming for a three-year old. And a little heartbreaking for a parent seeing the crestfallen face of your child.

Anyway, her spirits lifted towards the end of the party. She was like this at first.


I had to coax her a lot of times.


I’ve discovered that she has a tendency to “concentrate” on something when she’s feeling stressed (like when I get mad at home). This time, I think, it’s the pressure to being in big group with faces she doesn’t recognize.


Still concentrating…


On the side, I don’t know where they found this I-don’t-know-how-to-describe-this-personality-without-sounding-like-a-bitch. lol. It’s not really how he looked, though I think we could have had a more engaging host, rather, how he talked to the kids. Parang nasa kanto lang? I can’t even begin to describe his grammar or this post would have a totally off-track ending.


But this guy more than made up for that lackluster and off-tangent hosting. Buhay na naman ang bata at matanda!


Since he doesn’t ever talk, he regaled the crowd with his belly-dancing prowess.


Mischa started, though she doesn’t look like it in the photo, to come alive when she had her face painted with this flower.


And through the pabitin (although we parents and guardians did more of the pulling than the kids hehe).


I just like this photo of what we call the next generation CFO. Sometimes I still cannot believe that we have produced these wonderful kids when we all used to fool around, go to parties, get drunk like there was no tomorrow. Who would have thought we would turn out to be responsible, family persons? haha.


And thank you for Jeff for taking this wonderful family picture. That juice took hours to finish, and Mischa wouldn’t put it down until she drank the last drop.


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