Welcome 2013!

This year, I am not up to pondering much about how my year have been. While there are definite highs and lows, I would not like to put in retrospect and list down the things that made me ecstatic or the disappointments that came my and my family’s way just because the year turned. I definitely count my blessings each time but I do not want to look back with regret at the things that did not work out right.

I will just continue to pray and keep the hope alive in my heart that everything will work out fine this year. As long as my daughter and husband are by my side, I will keep the fire burning inside of me.

Anyway, much like my post about a week ago right after Christmas, I am just glad that we celebrated the coming in of the new year at home.



It was just the three of us since my folks spent new year’s eve at my brother’s spanking new home (which I will blog about in the days to come hehe). Our feast was very simple, including the traditional basket of fruits and our family’s sotanghon soup. Of course, there was ham, then there’s kare-kare (my first attempt but I cheated and used the Barrio Fiesta mix).


We brought and lit our share of fireworks. Our new neighbors were very sosyal with their fireworks. Buti na lang maganda din yung binili namin. lol. We were all for the visual feast, and had a lot of fountains, and less of the noisy, cheapo ones I knew back in our old neighborhood, i.e., watusi, burning tires. Of course, the little girl and I stayed indoors and watched from the comfort of our house. She found everything loud and kept on putting her hands over her ears. I prayed deeply nobody dared pull a gun.


watch fireworks

Cheers from my family to yours!


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