Our new community

This will be our new hangout every Sunday.


Last Sunday, I was sort of cornered by my new friend, Ate Daisy, who lives in the same village and is the coordinator for our parish, to serve as offeror at the Sunday mass. This was when nobody was manning the parish office when we dropped by to schedule our house blessing the previous week, and I had to make bilin with her. She volunteered to arrange the blessing for us then asked us for this, for lack of a better word, “favor”. I said yes in a heartbeat. And I was very glad I did. There’s nothing like being in God’s house, and praising and thanking Him.

We haven’t exactly been the regular churchgoers in the last few years. We try to, as much as we can, but real life seems to always derail plans. I know, I know, that’s not an excuse. But discovering that there’s a church five minutes from our house gave me renewed vigor to set aside time for my trusty Kuya Jess since He has blessed our family so much.

God bless our home


Thank you Lord for sending Fr. Boyet our way so he can bless our home. We are now complete and it is up to us to make this dwelling a vessel of your goodness and love.

We are also so grateful for the presence of family and friends who shared this special moment with us. While I got dog tired at the end of the day because I had to get up at dawn to cook for the early visitors who arrived before the caterer did, then I had to play host, my heart simply swelled for the overflowing affection given to our family. I missed some friends and family who weren’t able to come for one reason or another but there’s always next time. We have a lifetime to be with them.

Oh, and we celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary, too!

Scouting again

We are in the same boat now just like last year when we began scouting for schools, although a bit earlier. We have to do it now since 1) we moved and the old school will be quite far for a preschooler if we are to stay full time at mama’s house and 2) I don’t really like the present school that much anymore. It’s not really that bad but some things are just not forgivable–such as up to now, her uniforms are still not available!! And we are reaching the end of January and we’ve fully paid for everything before the school year started. They keep on putting parents off by telling us that it is the fault of the supplier, etc. But c’mon, can you let somebody get away with that? I surmise that, considering it is mostly the nursery students without the uniforms, and the ones they have are too big, that they are just waiting for these kiddos to grow so that the things will fit. Yikes.

Anyway enough of that. This is the first and last that we will deal with them. I am just thankful that my daughter seems to have learned a lot, although my initial goal of wanting her to be friendlier and more sociable did not materialize. If anything, she seemed to have withdrawn further when dealing with strangers. I really don’t know what to make of this but that’s that.

aSo we’re back to the drawing board. We’ve asked and looked around, and so far has shortlisted two schools of consequence. Mischa had an assessment with the first, which I so far like. I am very inclined to enroll her here but I don’t want to settle so we’ll do a little more looking around. The school seems very ideal–not too big, not too small either, had the proper government recognition, facilities look great, feedback is ok, teachers seem very competent (at least the ones who assessed her), tuition is a bit steep for our budget but that’s just one consideration, location is not too far from our house. Suffice to say, it is on top of our list right now.

We just have to look at the others so we don’t miss anything.

Greening the home

I must have the palest green thumb ever. Gardening/planting is something that is a little alien to me. I haven’t had much chance or I guess, patience, to take care of them yet I appreciate the beauty of flowers and the freshness that green brings to the air. So I decided to buy a couple of them plants and make our home seem more like uh, a home. hehe. As resources are kinda scarce, we cannot do a full-blown landscaping job.

So we had to make do with little flowers and some plants. Please don’t ask me what their names are. My only condition when we bought them is that they need as little maintenance as I do not have, at the moment, the inkling to trim, re-pot, or talk to them. The most I can do right now is water them. They might seem like much but I look forward to the day they will be in full bloom.


Maybe someday I’ll muster enough enthusiasm for me to take this up as a hobby.

Viva Señor Sto. Niño

Thank you Mama and Dad for this new addition to our home. We welcome Him with open hearts and arms.

sto nino

My family has been a regular devotee of the Sto. Niño ever since my dad was given another chance to live when he was pronounced dead at birth. My grandmother then vowed a lifetime of devotion to the holy child that spared my father’s life. I myself have been trekking yearly to the Sto. Niño Church in Tondo, Manila, braving the throngs of people from all walks of life, with our family. I walk alongside the devotees who were bearing Sto. Niños of all sizes. I just stopped going when I was pregnant in 2009 and haven’t been back since. I hope to continue panata soon. But this year, I had to settle with asking my mother to buy one for me.

Someday I would also make it to Cebu for the actual Sinulog festival. Maybe I can bring my parents along. I know that would make them real happy.

On the side, I think we better put together a sanctuary for my new Niño. I grew up in a really Catholic household where every room has its own altar, and I just want to put Him in a really special place together with the crucifix I got from Jerusalem.

My brother’s new crib

To rebound from that very negative but necessary post, I am now writing about the happy, albeit slightly marred, event that got our family together. I have probably mentioned before that my brother and I made plans, and bore into fruition, getting our new homes. The year 2012 was about buying, taking out loans, signing papers, dealing with contractors and developers, monitoring progress, etc. for both of us. We almost had the same headaches throughout the year. And we moved homes at ALMOST the same time (just got there a week ahead). But we were both contented cats when the year turned.

Now, his is blessed, and we plan to follow as soon as we receive a refund from Crown Asia for the bond for installing our window screens and grills, and also as soon as we are done scraping for the rest.

So he got a priest from the nearby church (lucky him, one is just a stone’s throw away but I doubt he will be going there much hehe).

mico blessing

Not to be outdone, little girl wanted to hold a candle like the rest of us. As expected, the poor thing gave up when wax drops hit her legs.

mischa candle

I love my house, but I also adore his. While ours follows the specifications of the developer in line with the Italian theme of the whole community, his was made according to his heart’s desire. And I would take a guess that he wanted this to be as airy and maaliwalas as possible compared to our claustrophobic and cluttered home. Both my parents are terrible hoarders and keeps the most mundane things and those that have outlived their usefulness, but that’s another story.

I will not post pictures of his whole house but these are my favorite parts:

The high ceiling that stretches from the living room to the second floor, and with the chic lights


The stairs, which is also Mischa’s favorite as she spends 4/5 of her time whenever we are here


The vavavoom red door!

red door

He also has a huge, huge lawn and backyard, which will be perfect for a pool and a wonderful garden. Next time I will take a photo of them.