I am busy doing nothing and everything. I really don’t know why, but I haven’t really gotten much work done around here (work). I’ve been going through the motions but it seems I am only able to do the routine without producing much substance lately. Maybe it’s the excitement of the new house. And the holidays. Whatever. I just couldn’t muster enough enthusiasm for work. I promise I will get out of this rut soon.

Even my blog is suffering a bit. Posting a lot, but not writing much.

So…this is a late post. But I’m doing it nonetheless. This is the second year running we are doing the Zumba as part of the activities of the Month of Overseas Filipinos. Apart from the Presidential Awards, this is the most I get excited about for. I only wished we didn’t have to get up at a God-forsaken hour to do it every time (why we do we have to do it at 5 a.m.???). And I hope I break more sweat next time. I badly need the exercise.


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