Another flower girl duty


The little girl was not in her element when she walked down the aisle of her Tita Jovie’s wedding (hubby’s cousin). As usual, I am so nanghihinayang because her prettiness was lost on the scowl she was wearing. I just have to be thankful that she walked and agreed to the entourage parade, but we were not lucky in the after-service photo taking. Pag sinumpong talaga tsk tsk. Kanino ba nagmana itong batang ito? She definitely didn’t get this from me as I’m the queen of pretense. Even if I don’t like where I am, it’s easy for me to put up with almost anything, if I have to. I’m patient that way.

On a side note, we forgot our SLR! So I had to take shots from my phone only. The Paco Church inside Paco Park was very pretty and enchanting pa naman that night, what with being lit up with twinkling lights as part of the Christmas season. Oh well, we couldn’t have taken much photos anyway. We were ALMOST late, we got there in the nick of time. And I said, my little star was not in a very good mood.

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