Spot the difference

This is a nostalgic post. I just put together photos of moi, and two of my better friends Cheng and Rino, and I feel a little wistful about how we spend so little time together now when we used to go out almost every night. We know each other’s quirks, and almost all of our dirty little secrets. lol. As the old adage says, we’ve been through thick and thin. We were together in the happiest and darkest hours of our lives. I could say that we each had anchored one another, and kept each other sane when the going got rough. And despite the separate lives we live now, I know deep in my soul that we will the best of friends forever.

Anyway, this little moment of sadness was brought on, as I said, by photos taken during the Presidential Awards. Wittingly, or unwittingly, we always seem to have this pose after the formal ceremonies have taken place. We missed out on the 2008 awards since Rino was in Netherlands taking up his masteral degree that time.

Have we changed much over the years?







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