I will miss you dearly

Goodbye house.

Goodbye home.

This long weekend, we finally packed our bags and officially moved out from where the husband and I first started building our life and our family. While we have not stayed here for about a year and a half already, some deep seated sadness totally enveloped me as we slept our last night, put our clothes and things in boxes, and brought them out to the waiting moving truck. I know that we are moving on to the house of our dreams, the real fruit of our hard work and the benevolence of our parents, but it was hard to leave the nest we made for ourselves when we were just starting out. This was where Mischa grew up, spoke her first word, learned to walk, strolled around its streets when she was a baby, basked in the morning sunshine, sang her first ABCs, and so, so many other milestones. The better parts of my blogs were set in that little house. We were happy there. We were forced to move out when we lost our yaya, and have not been back, save for short trips, ever since.

I know it’s harder for the husband as he had been there longer, and started and helped made the place a home. We both just have to take comfort that we are moving on to our next journey as a family. I would gently remind him that he moved in there when he was still single, and just about to begin an adventure. Now he left with a family in tow. Much like what is written in the Bible, we all leave behind our families and our own selves to become part of a family. It’s the circle of life.

I know this will get better. For now, let me shed a tear or two for you.

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