My little girl is now officially a girl scout, a Twinkler, after the Investiture ceremony at her school. The troop leader pinned the Scouting pin on her, which incidentally we borrowed since she didn’t have the right pin although I asked for a complete set at the GSP headquarters, while I put on her scarf.

“Hinahanap ko po ang mahiwagang bituin”.

Goofing around

Mischa and me with her first BFF, Gab and her mom

Mommy and baby love πŸ™‚


In a sea of green

I know I mentioned before how excited I was for Mischa because I totally get this! I loved being a Girl Scout! I hope that being involved in scouting, as an extracurricular activity, will do her a lot of good character-building, especially helping and sharing. It’s all about being aware of others, the community, the country, and their needs.

Home for Christmas

I certainly hope, with all my might and willpower, so.

I mentioned in my last post that this business of moving house is all I could think about, apart from my family of course. It is consuming me with a passion I have not felt in a long while (I wish I could feel the same in my work :)). Not since I was preparing for our wedding, or when I was about to give birth. Anyway, pardon the excitement, IT IS my first time to have my own house πŸ™‚ (insert kilig here)

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”

Our needs and wants may not always be easily gratified. I learned a long time ago, thanks to my parents, that I have to work hard for everything I want. I may have been frustrated a lot of times when things do not go my way, or as I would have hoped for. I get those maybe-I-wasn’t-a-go-getter-enough feeling everytime.

But still I am thankful for the blessings that come my and my family’s way. It’s hard to wait most of the times, but God really does give you what you need at the right time–His time.

I am saying this because I’ve noticed that everything around our little nest seem to be falling in the right places, affirming that our decision to buy the house was right despite the many challenges we know we will face. This year, two big grocery chains opened their doors two minutes from our village entrance. Likewise, there are two new primary hospitals in the vicinity. Most importantly, with the recent transition of Bacoor from a town to a city, the local government decided to move the municipal hall to a new location, which is also a stone’s throw away from us! Construction is now in full swing. My heart continues to swell in happiness. A couple of years ago, this area, the Molino Boulevard was just a sleepy, agricultural land, with tracts and tracts of rice fields as far as the eye could see. Now, it is bustling with palpable energy with the growth of residential and commercial development. It connects the rest of Molino (where my parents live) to Bacoor proper, and serves as the gateway to Metro Manila. I can actually feel and smell the progress! And we are part of it!

Our impending move to our own house is driving me mad with excitement and hope. I am very sorry to say that lately, I spend a lot of time distracted from work. I couldn’t help it. Pwede naman sigurong magbreak kahit konti. πŸ™‚

See you soon neighbors!

I can’t wait to meet all of you very soon! I am as excited as my mommy and daddy! Over the weekend, the three of us trekked to the village, to set some things in motion. They secured a gate pass for when we move in and have stuff delivered to our house, got a car sticker, and submitted some documents for the installation of window grills and screens.

Mom and Dad were a little hesitant in bringing me because they think I am too makulit, but I want to be in my house, too! Plus, I really, really want to make up for lost time during the weekdays, and spend time with them, so off I go. Good thing they had no choice but to bring me along hehehe. See I even help! Just look at what’s in my hand!

Here I go again

I don’t know why I do this year in, year out. I’m just a weirdo that way. I promised myself that I wouldn’t do it this year, but a treat from a friend who didn’t to collect stickers and THE planner, accidentally started me again on this coffee madness. And after getting phones with wonderful schedule applications, I haven’t figured out what I will actually do with it in case I get one this year.

By the way, I got these last year, the year before that, and the year before that.

Just a bit longer

We have finally gotten hold of this:

You couldn’t imagine the anxious anticipation I am feeling right now. It is distracting me from a lot of things so I better keep my head off the clouds for now. This has got to be one of the most exciting things ever for me (next to getting married and having a baby, of course). I want to take a leave and hibernate, and do some nesting. But I can’t since I need my job to pay for the nest. Sigh!

Thank you Lord for this beautiful blessing.