Precious gems

I’m loving my two precious gems at the moment:

The first was the one I got for myself during my trip to Jerusalem last June. The vendor said that the beads were made up of rose petals from the Garden of Gethsemane. They set off a nice smell every time I open its container.

The second one was my pasalubong from the hubby during his recent visit to the Vatican last month. I just died of envy he was able to hear mass straight and live from the Pope. I have also heard mass from another Pope, John Paul II, back in 1995 when I participated in the World Youth Day held in Manila, but being in the Vatican is another thing. I hope I get to set foot there before I say goodbye to this world. But for now, I am keeping this “amulet” close to my heart.

I know it’s not about the things you have, because the Lord listens to your prayers as long as they are sincere and come from your heart. But weird as it may sound, since these pretty things came from significant places, it makes them more special to me. And I carry them with a special skip in my heart and mind.

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