Snippets of my last Malaysian trip

This will be sort of a photo blog post. My trip to Malaysia this time is way more serious than the first when I was younger and more carefree at 28, and was trying to get up from a bad breakup (so it was a get-me-out-of-this-rut kind of trip back then). Anyway, as the title claims, these are snippets of what I liked during my 9-day stay (2 days in Kuala Lumpur and 7 days in Sabah).

Well, hello there Petronas Towers. Nice to see you again after five years.

Self check-in counters at the Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu airports. Wish we had these in Manila! Checking in was such as breeze! One just has to input his ticket number, and out come the boarding pass!

The Filipino market in Kota Kinabalu. This is very like our own Dampa in the Philippines, where you get to pick your choice of seafoods then have these cooked. While in the Philippines, you could ask them to cook it whatever way you like (buttered, stewed, grilled, etc.), they just grill it for you. I went gaga over the fish and squid.

Sabah veggie! This began growing on me, and I am now having sabah veggie withdrawals! This tastes so good. It is similar to kangkong but packs a bit more crunch. Usually topped with Malaysian sambal. Hmmm…

Downtown Kota Kinabalu

Headstart, a Filipino band in KK. Proud!

Thousands of acres of palm plantations. They say that a plantation here is as big as Singapore.

Community houses.

A warm and royal welcome at an educational foundation deep in one of the plantations.

Shaky plane ride onboard Maswings!

And of course the magnificent mosques all over the country. Such beautiful architecture!

Boats at the port.

And I got to enjoy these:

More to come…

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