I survived the first eight days. Maybe it’s just the idea of being away from each other too long that’s making it a bit harder to cope. It also felt sad that he celebrated a milestone–his 30th–without us by his side. I’m sure he had a blast being in a crazy, foreign land.

And because I am a little melancholic, I decided to pull another surprise for him. I haven’t had a chance to blog before about it, but I gave him a pretty good going-away gift:

Never mind the tight finances, and the little extravagance for our modest family, but I really want him to enjoy and savor his first foray into Europe. I hope he makes good use of this (I know he will!). He’s been hinting for a while now about upgrading the lens we are using for the SLR so I lovingly indulged. lol.

Anyway, on his birthday, with the help of a good friend, Cindy, I managed to “produce” a happy birthday video for him. Thank you technology for making the world smaller, and the distance closer. Took videos of well-wishers and dug up several photos, which Cindy put together with a little background music. I hope he really liked it. It’s not like me to be so corny and flamboyant about my feelings in front of a crowd (and the social network at that!). The separation is wreaking havoc on my hormones, almost taking me back to my younger, more emotional self.

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