Help me not become a helicopter mom

Just saying.

I have said over and over before that there is no pressure in Mischa attending school this early. But when we got her first report card yesterday, I cannot help but feel a twinge of disappointment that she placed sixth from among their class of twelve. There I said it. She has a whole lot of line of 8’s and one 9 for values ED. Should be good enough right?

Somebody please call the police to handcuff this emerging helicopter mom.

I truly believe that she is smart and capable, but that at times she is lazy and even defiant in not wanting to finish assignments or seat works at school. I put no pressure on her. When she tells me she’s tired or she wants to play or watch television instead, I let her be.

It stung a little when the teacher told me she couldn’t write yet. Although our pediatrician said that the fine motor skills, for holding and controlling any writing instrument, are the last to develop in a child/toddler, I still couldn’t help but blame myself a little. Maybe my being too lax on her has resulted to her not “doing well” in school.

On the other hand, most of her classmates are 4-year olds, while she is just a little over three. So that should make me feel better that, at this point, she just wants to play and have fun, instead of wanting to learn. Maybe she is not as emotionally grown as some of her classmates. Which is perfectly normal.

I want to kick myself for feeling this way.

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