Buwan ng Wika

Last Saturday, the hubby and I experienced our first ever school activity as parents. I now should be a little thankful that classes were suspended many times (I posted here that I felt a little shortchanged lol) that the school had to have makeup classes. Now, they had to do these on Saturdays, since they cannot put in more hours per day (which is the alternative) for the pre-schoolers (tots still need longer sleep hours, and attention span is still a little short). I am sure other working parents also like this setup since we are able to attend school functions and provide support to our kiddos.

I regret that we were not able to send Mischa to the Nutrition activity held last July. It was held during one of those days where the local government of Bacoor suspended classes due to intermittent rains. We didn’t want to risk getting her out of the house, and catching colds/coughs/fever. Many parents felt the same, and there were only three of her classmates who made it. So we made up for the next activity.

The Buwan ng Wika is being held the whole month of August to celebrate the use of the Filipino language. We were notified that Nursery students need to come in in a kimona, patadyong and bakya during the culminating activity. We easily bought a nice silky kimona made of jusi (I wanted to buy the cheaper cotton since a kid is just a kid but the husband wanted only the best so…). However, I was hard pressed in finding the littlest bakya in malls, and had asked utility personnel to scout the local markets but came up empty handed too. So we ended up with the native slippers which cost a fortune (parang 3-for-P100 lang ito when buying in the province in my numerous trips). Oh well.

Also, less than a fortnight prior to the culminating activity, Mama showed me a poem written in Filipino pasted on her handbook, entitled “Ako ay Filipino”. It was very simple and had only ten lines. However, I was delightfully surprised–Mischa has already memorized it that same day it was given! I do not have any idea how other kids her age are faring, but I am really proud that she has great attention to detail. I mean, I have noticed it before–her uncanny ability to remember and recall events, places, names, etc. Mahirap lokohin itong batang ito. I hope and pray she uses this well in school, and in real life, to get her ahead.

The school prepared a short program for their pre-school and elementary students up to the third grade. The kids were so cute! The nursery class where Mischa belongs performed two numbers. And I tell you, I was once again one proud momma as soon as they were done. I am amazed by the confidence she is exuding. As I said, she has long memorized the poem given to them so I knew she would nail it.

On the other hand, I didn’t know they were also preparing a folk dance number. The teacher placed her right smack in the middle of the group, and as soon as the music played, she danced her heart away. Stage mother alert!! If you could have seen me, the grin I had was stretched from one ear to the other. I felt so happy seeing my little girl like that! I will try to embed the video I took of her (haven’t tried here in WordPress yet).

I am so looking forward to more school activities and presentations. My little girl is so grown up!

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