The student

We only got her ID just last Friday, almost four months into the school year. Still want to post it anyway.

Her uniform is another matter. These are some of the things I don’t like about the school, aside from the numerous times they have misspelled all of Mischa’s three names, but it’s too late in the game. We’ve already paid in full, and she has began making friends, I don’t want to disrupt that. She has somehow found another home this early. It just irritates me no end that they don’t seem to take some things seriously.

Phone down!

My blackberry just died a gruesome death last weekend.

I had to go to work last Saturday and the husband drove me to the office. Went to grab a bite from McDonald’s since I didn’t have time to prepare breakfast.

Why did you have to order coffee, my dear? You could have had orange juice like me. Or iced tea. Or soda.

I didn’t even feel it as the supposedly scorching brew hit my lap. I was in shock. I could only watch in horrified disbelief as it spilled all over my phone and penetrated every nook and cranny of the keypad.

Good bye phone. See you in the next life. Maybe I’ll say hello to Apple now.

Oceans apart

These will be the longest three weeks of my life. The husband and I will both be on travel, missing each other as he flies in from Europe while I fly to Malaysia. Our air crafts will probably cross paths somewhere up in the clouds. I cannot help but feel the blues. The longest we have been apart was one week ever since we began going out some eons ago. On the one hand, I should just be excited, especially for him who has now been the given the chance to see the world. Maybe I have become weary of it all. While the thought of discovering places and seeing new things excite me, the idea of being apart does not.

I should just keep myself busy, and not think too much so I won’t pine and feel his absence too much. I have our daughter to look after, after all.

One day commune with nature

It was my first time to literally fly in and fly out to a faraway province in just one day. When one of our donors requested that I personally turn over a check for a donation of a classroom and the groundbreaking ceremony, I agreed with the condition that I will be able to come back the same day. Parang pumasok lang sa office, yun na nga lang, I have to ride a plane instead of a car. Thank God for all day flights. Also shows how business is booming in the far ends of the Philippines, hence the need for numerous flights within the day. Then there’s the need to upgrade all major airports in the country, CDO being one of them. But that’s an entirely different matter.

Anyway, that short but very productive trip. I was with a representative of a humanitarian organization based in Washington, DC who had been our partner for the last two decades. We were graciously met by local partners who brought us around to see the donor’s projects (classroom and water pipes for a relocation site) for communities who were deeply affected by typhoon Sendong last year. (more on this later)

What I super liked about this trip was I got to be in some of nature’s gift to mankind. Up in the hills of Cagayan de Oro, you really get to be in awe and appreciate the work of the Lord. It was just stunningly beautiful. I was fortunate to be on a breathtaking vantage point of the city, and became both elated and fearful when I think about how nature lashed its fury and took lives from the seemingly calm waters of the river.

Being in the quiet solitude of Mapawa Park is another equally wonderful experience, to say the least. It was hard to believe it was just five minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the city. My stomach did cartwheels as the car we were in wound up in curves to reach the paradise. But I tell ya, it was worth it just to be in the midst of fresh air, carribean pine trees, wild flowers, and stunning vista views.

God is truly mighty and powerful.

Help me not become a helicopter mom

Just saying.

I have said over and over before that there is no pressure in Mischa attending school this early. But when we got her first report card yesterday, I cannot help but feel a twinge of disappointment that she placed sixth from among their class of twelve. There I said it. She has a whole lot of line of 8’s and one 9 for values ED. Should be good enough right?

Somebody please call the police to handcuff this emerging helicopter mom.

I truly believe that she is smart and capable, but that at times she is lazy and even defiant in not wanting to finish assignments or seat works at school. I put no pressure on her. When she tells me she’s tired or she wants to play or watch television instead, I let her be.

It stung a little when the teacher told me she couldn’t write yet. Although our pediatrician said that the fine motor skills, for holding and controlling any writing instrument, are the last to develop in a child/toddler, I still couldn’t help but blame myself a little. Maybe my being too lax on her has resulted to her not “doing well” in school.

On the other hand, most of her classmates are 4-year olds, while she is just a little over three. So that should make me feel better that, at this point, she just wants to play and have fun, instead of wanting to learn. Maybe she is not as emotionally grown as some of her classmates. Which is perfectly normal.

I want to kick myself for feeling this way.

Walking to? Or walking from?

I had this really kurot sa puso moment last Saturday as a mother. As you may know, my daughter is an only child (at the moment, and hopefully not for long). Notwithstanding my job, my husband, the house, my world totally revolves around her. Ever since I got pried open by an obstetric surgeon three years and three months ago, and a seven pounder popped out of me, almost all of my waking moments are devoted to loving and caring for this child. Every prayer, every action is all for her.

And I thought the feeling is mutual. I will forever treasure those trusting eyes and the clinging arms–proof that I am the only one for her. Yun pala, the first two years lang. Or up until they haven’t started school yet.

Brought her to school last Saturday to make up for all those classes missed during the rainy days. I love bringing her to school! We would do away with riding the car, and just enjoy the five-minute walk from the house. She especially loves bringing her umbrella (or any umbrella for that matter). She wouldn’t even try to hold my hand, she is very intent on balancing that and her bag on her back, and saying hi to things she would pass by–the cats, dogs, flowers, butterflies, grass, name it. She is just too cute for words.

But that fateful day last Saturday was just different. We decided not go in pass the gate and let her come in by herself. As soon as she got inside, that was it. Without a backward glance, she ran off in search of her peers. Nagulat na lang ako. Anyare? (What happened?). No kiss, no goodbye. She seemed excited to be with her classmates and friends that she totally forgot about us.


I realize that some steps that she will take towards charting her own path may be steps away from me and her father. I just didn’t think it would come this soon. I feel like I am in the path of a barreling train.

Where has the baby gone? I knew I was just hele-ing her to sleep. Ngayon dalaga na?

I have to brace myself that this may be the beginning of a series of heartbreaks for the next fifty years. Or until my last breath, whichever comes first.

Sundays are the best

I’d forgotten to post this earlier, and it’s now Wednesday.

Anyway, this is what our weekends look like if and when our crazy schedules permit. We go out, have lunch, and bring the kid to play to her heart’s content at certain establishments. We don’t get to spend time with my brother because he lives quite far from all of us in the city while we all preferred the suburbs. But this particular Sunday was special since it was an advanced celebration of my Dad’s 69th natal day.

I wish life was this simple all the time. I love that my family is together and complete.