My little bookworm

My last blog entries have been on the short and sweet side. This one will not be any different. There are so many stories to tell. But words seem to be escaping me and I am struggling to write them down.

Anyway, took the shot above last night as we were about to sleep. Very early on, even when Mischa was just a wee little thing, I started training her to love books and reading. I am glad she has really caught on. Bedtime reading has been a well-loved routine between us. She would always, always insist on it. I am so happy that she loves this! While reading itself is an enjoyable art, I also strongly believe that this will develop not only her vocabulary and communication skills, but her comprehension, too. As a parent, I would totally invest in this.

I am also glad and proud to say that she has a really excellent memory, and has memorized some books after only a few days of hearing the words from me. I pray a lot that she keeps this up.

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