Edit: Sidled over at my idol, Daphne’s site, just now, and it was pure coincidence that we have the same blog posts titles for today. It may sound defensive, but no, hindi ko sya ginaya kahit super idol ko sya. Promise! lol. I guess, water is in all of our minds today.)

The rains over the Philippines have been relentless the past few weeks. The last two days were even more so. Hence, Metro Manila and the outlying provinces were virtually turned into muddy seas (and there is no a typhoon pa yan). Work was called off yesterday. While I would have loved it any other day, the seemingly endless torrential downpour is no fun at all. Millions are already affected, many displaced. One’s heart just goes out to all those cold and hungry people forcibly evacuated from their homes by circumstances. Human suffering were everywhere (photos: ph.yahoo.com).

Very pitiful conditions indeed. I just hope we learn our lessons now on proper garbage disposal and overpopulation. We cannot just rely on God. We, too, must work for our keep. And our safety.

Enough shit about the wrath of God, which has totally nothing to do with how we take care of our environment. (I will write about the RH bill soon.)

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