Little friendships

Weather here has been going crazy for a week now. This latest typhoon, Gener, just wouldn’t quit. The whole of Luzon seemed to be being slowly battered the last several days by strong gales and heavy rains.

This made us miss work yesterday. Gee, I’m so sad (insert evil laugh here).

For the little girl, though, she has missed classes for four days now. And I was surprised that she was insisting to go earlier today. When I asked why, she replied, “Gab (her classmate) is there.” Maybe she was thinking it was only her who has not been to school. Had a mommy moment right there and then. I know I always say this, but the words my-daughter-is-fast-growing-up is again flashing in my mind. She is actually nurturing friendships now. It made me happy and sad at the same time, knowing that her world is slowly expanding to include other people outside my and her dad’s circle. It felt a little weird that her joy is not limited to our company anymore. Hay, ang baby ko!

My mind jumps to a boyfriend in the far, far future. (Get a grip, Marie!)

Someone please hand a tissue. Sniff, sniff!

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