Everything is right in the world again

A warm feeling always envelops me whenever I gaze at my peacefully sleeping daughter. True to this post’s title, the world always seem to right itself as I look at that untroubled form. All the anxieties and worries seem to just dissipate, and all I can think of is I am right where I am supposed to be.

As I kiss and take her into my arms, I am reminded why I have to be strong. That I am not alone anymore. That I do not live for myself anymore. This innocent being is the reason for my soldiering on. For the need to move mountains and brave stormy seas. I have never known any other feeling so profound such as this — of great and infinite love for the person I brought into this world.

How powerful she is.

In a make-believe world

Anyone with a toddler or preschooler will tell you that toys will be your kid’s children. They treat dolls and stuffed toys as their babies. (I can’t say for sure how little boys do this pala.) I guess this is more so for “only children”, who have no playmates their own age. I find Mischa truly cute when she does this. I wish I always have a camera on hand to capture all those moments when she talks to them, pretends she’s their teacher, etc. But this kid is very self-conscious, and would almost always stop when she sees that I am watching her do these things.

I was fortunate to capture this while she was putting on makeup on her Barbie dolls before. Last weekend, I had my camera on hand as she “fed” them rice and chicken (very specific at that!). Cuteee!


Just recently discovered Instagram (follow me mariedr12). Granted that it has been online for quite some time, I never appreciated it before since I do not have an iPhone myself. Since I have been lent by the office (for official use by the way hehehe), I have downloaded this app, and have been enjoying myself ever since. Since the hubby was also away during the past two long weekends (for our annual community education program against human trafficking), I have whiled the hours away with no one to talk to (when the kid has fallen asleep), by surfing Instagram and stalking mostly celebrities. Call it tsismosa, but tell me you are not intrigued by how the famous live their lives as seen through their lenses.

This is the first photo I have uploaded:

Makes me wanna switch and hand over my Blackberry for an iPhone.

My little bookworm

My last blog entries have been on the short and sweet side. This one will not be any different. There are so many stories to tell. But words seem to be escaping me and I am struggling to write them down.

Anyway, took the shot above last night as we were about to sleep. Very early on, even when Mischa was just a wee little thing, I started training her to love books and reading. I am glad she has really caught on. Bedtime reading has been a well-loved routine between us. She would always, always insist on it. I am so happy that she loves this! While reading itself is an enjoyable art, I also strongly believe that this will develop not only her vocabulary and communication skills, but her comprehension, too. As a parent, I would totally invest in this.

I am also glad and proud to say that she has a really excellent memory, and has memorized some books after only a few days of hearing the words from me. I pray a lot that she keeps this up.

A great loss

With bated breath, the Philippine nation collectively sighed and sniffed as news that the body of the late Sec. Jesse Robredo was recovered from the deep off the coast of Masbate. The otherwise happy long weekend that we were all looking forward to was interrupted as many of us constantly scoured the news and social networking sites for updates as soon as it broke out that the private plane he was on crashed. Then came the expected but nevertheless painful blow that he indeed did not make it.

I cannot say anymore than what has been said all over the media and cyberspace. He is truly a great loss to the government and the people he served. He embodied simplicity and genuineness in the desire to actually and really serve the public, which is more than what we can say about many of Philippine politicians. My sense is, he is only one of the few honorable left, and he was taken early. Bakit ganun minsan?

Out of touch

Sometimes, it feels like I am out of touch with the world outside my family and work. One of the biggest world events, the London 2012 Olympics just finished without my having to watch any of its numerous games/events. When I was younger, I would eagerly stayed glued to the athletics, gymnastics, swimming, volleyball and basketball games. Now, I only got to have glimpses of the colorful closing ceremonies. Need to get a life.


Aside from the worry and stress brought about the by recent heavy rains and massive flooding all over Metro Manila and nearby provinces, including Cavite, I am feeling a bit shortchanged. Why? Mischa and her classmates have missed almost two weeks worth of classes! Nakakahinayang sa tuition fee! lol. More than that, of course, they have missed a lot of lessons. I don’t know if there will be make up classes but I sure hope so.

Isn’t it ironic that when I was the student I used to pray for the suspension of classes. Now that I am a parent, I know now that that ain’t good. I only want the best for my kid. And watching television and playing and not having the right stimuli for few straight days at a time would not do at all.