Her first starring role

I was one proud mommy last Saturday when Mischa had her first stint as a flower girl at her uncle’s wedding (my first cousin). I have been preparing her mentally for some weeks now, and have been coaching her to walk and bring flowers to Papa Jesus at the altar. And you know what, she actually did! It was a really different kind of giddy. Haha. I know it’s not good to think and feel that somehow your child will “fail” at doing what she was supposed to do, but I was really so afraid that I would end up walking beside her just to prod her along. Thank you, anak, for proving mommy wrong.

Congratulations JR (our bunso cousin on my maternal side) and Chame! Your union is now perfect and blessed by the Lord. Are we seeing other little Joakeens soon?

As a side note, it was good to see my old coordinators, Janice and Rina of Classic Unlimited, at the wedding. Such a small world that they are the cousin’s coordinator, too.

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