Two ways of doing it

One thing that hit me again that I am now a parent is I am now going back to doing homework. Haha. I really thought I was done with it, but, here I am again. I am quite happy doing them, actually. I think I have more fun now than I did when I was the student.

The thing that struck me at this time, when I had to look for pictures, is that, technology super helps and does its best again. Whereas during my time, we had these to rely on:

now, students and parents have this:

While the latter is faster and more reliable since you have so much choices than if you get stuck with only a handful of magazines, it lacks the shine and glamour that your homework produces of you have actual photos. It may have almost everything at the click of a few buttons. All the same, it was just fun going through the motions. I really have to stock up on glossies (which I rarely do now, since well, the advent of the Internet).

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