On our way to recovery

I am glad to report that both mommy and baby are well on their way to recovery from our long bout of cough. While it was nothing to have a heart attack for, both our coughing spells are really annoying and irritating to say the least. With the absence of other symptoms, specifically fever, I know that we are far off from developing serious lung and heart diseases. But one really couldn’t bear to hear and see the little kid sputtering with hard to suppress coughing fits. These would even wake her up in the middle of the night, and disturb her otherwise peaceful sleep. I really hope that the antibiotics that the pedia gave her would work doubly fast to get all of us out of our misery.

Mine, on the other hand, has gone away so swiftly this week, it actually surprised me. I wouldn’t go to all the details but it all just boiled down to stress. ‘Nuff said.

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