Finally, some progress! I need not get into all the gory details of how frustrated we have become over the last several weeks at the pace of construction. Suffice to say, we have called and ranted, and even gatecrashed (nicely) a housewarming party being held in one of the units in the neighborhood just so we could talk to whoever–the engineer, the contractor, the admin and sales people, and even the big shot president to air our protest on the seemingly cavalier attitude to finish our unit. Anyway, we are just glad that everything is now moving along fine. We are holding on the developer’s promise of a turnover by the third week of July.

We passed by this morning on our way to work. And it was a pleasant orange-y surprise that greeted us.

Pink would have been nice, too, or the muted shade of green. But we’ll take it as it is! As soon as I stepped in, my mind began its usual escapade to wonderful images of my beautiful, complete home. We gladly noted the installed glass on the windows, as well as the steel balustrade on the stairs. We couldn’t go up the second level unfortunately. But we plan to come back this weekend, and start measuring windows, doors, walls, etc. so we can actively ask for quotations for screen, grill and cabinets.

I really couldn’t wait! Moving in on my mind!

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