No time off for me

I thought I ought to rest, and let my body heal itself of the on/off fever, sore throat and cough I have been nursing since the weekend. I hardly ever take time off from work because of sickness, and I wouldn’t want to start a habit, but I really felt the need to take comfort in not seeing my office desk for the meantime. And so I succumbed, and called in sick.

And then had to deal with a pre-schooler who do not understand the concept of “Mommy is sick”. She still insisted that I be the one to give her her bath, feed her, play with her. She was on the brink of one of her crying spells, insisting that I bring her to school, when I put my foot down and told her I wasn’t supposed to go out of the house. After what seemed to be hours of coaxing, she finally relented, and “allowed” mama to take my seat on the car.

I actually felt a little bereft as she waved from the inside of the car, since it was the first time she “left” me to go somewhere while I stayed at home. It was usually I who says goodbye while she waves from the door. Or we always go out together, especially on weekends. I confided this pang of loneliness to a friend, and she said rather wisely “pano na yan pag mag-aasawa na?” Fair point. But that’s a long way off, hopefully not gonna happen in the next thirty years.

I got a couple hours reprieve while she was at school. I took advantage of this time to sleep, and enjoy the expanse of our bed. She was home in a matter of two and a half hours. My body still wasn’t up to any kind of activity, and it just wanted to languish in bed even without food or a bath (I was that sick!). But up I got as soon as the queen set foot in the house, and the mommy attended to her needs and whims.

After her afternoon nap, it was off to finishing whatever seat work she left undone as well as new assignments given. The task actually tested my mommy limit for her “academics” for the first time. I am usually very patient when she couldn’t concentrate (I know. She’s 3 for crying out loud!), but I guess if you aren’t in the pink of health, you don’t feel like overexerting yourself. I wanted her to behave right then, but she was too caught up in mommy and daddy being home with her that she wasn’t about to be contained. There was a lot of stimulation around her. She would sit for like, two seconds, and then she’s off again. I ended up writing and coloring the answer sheets myself, but I made sure she understood and that she actually knows the answers just in case she gets called during classes.

It is during these times that I pray hard for patience. Even loving and doting mothers can snap and get unhinged once in a while.

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