Terrible Threes?

I thought we are past the stage of tantrums. But with children, I guess you would never know. Both the child and parents just have to adjust. Considering that Mischa has early on developed very good communication skills, I am just a little surprised that at this stage (she just turned three this month), she has to resort to lupasay when she doesn’t get her way. We see a lot of this these days:

I often tell people in the house to ignore her when she’s in this mood, and just keep the floor clean at all times. As psychologists or other veteran parents will tell you, this is a time-tested ploy to get attention. And as a mother, I do not want to cultivate this negative behavior. I have figured out early on that raising one’s voice, giving in to irrational or dangerous demands and threatening are surefire ways that the child will do the behavior again since it elicits a passionate response from adults. Why can’t some understand this?

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