Her first starring role

I was one proud mommy last Saturday when Mischa had her first stint as a flower girl at her uncle’s wedding (my first cousin). I have been preparing her mentally for some weeks now, and have been coaching her to walk and bring flowers to Papa Jesus at the altar. And you know what, she actually did! It was a really different kind of giddy. Haha. I know it’s not good to think and feel that somehow your child will “fail” at doing what she was supposed to do, but I was really so afraid that I would end up walking beside her just to prod her along. Thank you, anak, for proving mommy wrong.

Congratulations JR (our bunso cousin on my maternal side) and Chame! Your union is now perfect and blessed by the Lord. Are we seeing other little Joakeens soon?

As a side note, it was good to see my old coordinators, Janice and Rina of Classic Unlimited, at the wedding. Such a small world that they are the cousin’s coordinator, too.

Two ways of doing it

One thing that hit me again that I am now a parent is I am now going back to doing homework. Haha. I really thought I was done with it, but, here I am again. I am quite happy doing them, actually. I think I have more fun now than I did when I was the student.

The thing that struck me at this time, when I had to look for pictures, is that, technology super helps and does its best again. Whereas during my time, we had these to rely on:

now, students and parents have this:

While the latter is faster and more reliable since you have so much choices than if you get stuck with only a handful of magazines, it lacks the shine and glamour that your homework produces of you have actual photos. It may have almost everything at the click of a few buttons. All the same, it was just fun going through the motions. I really have to stock up on glossies (which I rarely do now, since well, the advent of the Internet).

Nearing the beginning and the end

Excitement is pretty much building up in our household, well at least in my and hubby’s case. Our last trip to the house early Saturday morning confirmed that construction will be finished by Monday. I hardly dared believed it for fear of getting my hopes too high, and then coming back to earth with a hard thud if they fail to keep their end of the bargain. All we can do at this point, I guess, is wait. And see. It will the end of our anguish and our tumultuous relationship with the developer, and the beginning of our new life as a family.

Nevertheless, hearing the sweet words from the good ol’ carpenter we chanced upon during our visit, and seeing that they are indeed putting up the finishing touches (second coat of painting-check, electric outlets-check, tiled floor-check), we did a sweep of different establishments over the weekend. One, to window shop, and two, to actually shop. I know, I know! But I didn’t believe it was too early at all. Considering we are waiting for turnover in a week or two, slowly building up our inventory is not such a bad thing. So despite the continuous rains, and the training at the office on a Saturday, we still managed to empty our pockets considerably, and bring home bags of bathroom implements, curtain rods, rugs, mirrors, a wonderful wall clock and a coffee table. I know we still need a lot, but I am happy we get to cross off some items on our list. Funnily enough, thinking about what we still have to buy makes me tired and excited at the same time. But of course, this is something worth getting aching arms and legs, calluses on my feet, for.

On our way to recovery

I am glad to report that both mommy and baby are well on their way to recovery from our long bout of cough. While it was nothing to have a heart attack for, both our coughing spells are really annoying and irritating to say the least. With the absence of other symptoms, specifically fever, I know that we are far off from developing serious lung and heart diseases. But one really couldn’t bear to hear and see the little kid sputtering with hard to suppress coughing fits. These would even wake her up in the middle of the night, and disturb her otherwise peaceful sleep. I really hope that the antibiotics that the pedia gave her would work doubly fast to get all of us out of our misery.

Mine, on the other hand, has gone away so swiftly this week, it actually surprised me. I wouldn’t go to all the details but it all just boiled down to stress. ‘Nuff said.

Doubly blessed

Over the weekend, Mischa and I went to another double celebration sans Daddy. He was supposed to follow us as soon as official work was done (he was on training) but apparently, work lingered on then turned into a meeting. And I tell you, running after a kid while having to mind my purse and her stuff is no mean feat.

Anyway, it was a double celebration for IC and Pat’s two bundles of joy. The elder Enzo just turned two, while little Liam Franco was welcomed to the Christian world. My friends are now blessed twice over!

Here is the invitation:

I wonder how it is to have boys. They’re supposed to be more makulit and malikot. I really should have one soon while I can still bend. lol.

Since I did a solo that day, I wasn’t able to take pictures. It was a good thing I didn’t bring the camera, too. It would be another thing to look after. Got these photos from IC and her friend, Love (a friend and classmate, too, when I took up my masters at UP). Mischa played with Love’s daughter, Isabella, who is 23 days younger than Misch. I was a little surprised that Mischa was a little more behaved and reserved that day. Para syang nagpapanggap. But it lasted only about half an hour, and then she went on her merry ways.

Enzo and Isabella


Mischa and Isabella with Ninang IC

I really should teach Mischa how to smile, and play up to the camera. Sayang ang beauty ng anak ko, di marunong magpose!


Finally, some progress! I need not get into all the gory details of how frustrated we have become over the last several weeks at the pace of construction. Suffice to say, we have called and ranted, and even gatecrashed (nicely) a housewarming party being held in one of the units in the neighborhood just so we could talk to whoever–the engineer, the contractor, the admin and sales people, and even the big shot president to air our protest on the seemingly cavalier attitude to finish our unit. Anyway, we are just glad that everything is now moving along fine. We are holding on the developer’s promise of a turnover by the third week of July.

We passed by this morning on our way to work. And it was a pleasant orange-y surprise that greeted us.

Pink would have been nice, too, or the muted shade of green. But we’ll take it as it is! As soon as I stepped in, my mind began its usual escapade to wonderful images of my beautiful, complete home. We gladly noted the installed glass on the windows, as well as the steel balustrade on the stairs. We couldn’t go up the second level unfortunately. But we plan to come back this weekend, and start measuring windows, doors, walls, etc. so we can actively ask for quotations for screen, grill and cabinets.

I really couldn’t wait! Moving in on my mind!

No time off for me

I thought I ought to rest, and let my body heal itself of the on/off fever, sore throat and cough I have been nursing since the weekend. I hardly ever take time off from work because of sickness, and I wouldn’t want to start a habit, but I really felt the need to take comfort in not seeing my office desk for the meantime. And so I succumbed, and called in sick.

And then had to deal with a pre-schooler who do not understand the concept of “Mommy is sick”. She still insisted that I be the one to give her her bath, feed her, play with her. She was on the brink of one of her crying spells, insisting that I bring her to school, when I put my foot down and told her I wasn’t supposed to go out of the house. After what seemed to be hours of coaxing, she finally relented, and “allowed” mama to take my seat on the car.

I actually felt a little bereft as she waved from the inside of the car, since it was the first time she “left” me to go somewhere while I stayed at home. It was usually I who says goodbye while she waves from the door. Or we always go out together, especially on weekends. I confided this pang of loneliness to a friend, and she said rather wisely “pano na yan pag mag-aasawa na?” Fair point. But that’s a long way off, hopefully not gonna happen in the next thirty years.

I got a couple hours reprieve while she was at school. I took advantage of this time to sleep, and enjoy the expanse of our bed. She was home in a matter of two and a half hours. My body still wasn’t up to any kind of activity, and it just wanted to languish in bed even without food or a bath (I was that sick!). But up I got as soon as the queen set foot in the house, and the mommy attended to her needs and whims.

After her afternoon nap, it was off to finishing whatever seat work she left undone as well as new assignments given. The task actually tested my mommy limit for her “academics” for the first time. I am usually very patient when she couldn’t concentrate (I know. She’s 3 for crying out loud!), but I guess if you aren’t in the pink of health, you don’t feel like overexerting yourself. I wanted her to behave right then, but she was too caught up in mommy and daddy being home with her that she wasn’t about to be contained. There was a lot of stimulation around her. She would sit for like, two seconds, and then she’s off again. I ended up writing and coloring the answer sheets myself, but I made sure she understood and that she actually knows the answers just in case she gets called during classes.

It is during these times that I pray hard for patience. Even loving and doting mothers can snap and get unhinged once in a while.