The Inbal Jerusalem Hotel

Because the organizers of the Diaspora Conference I attended sponsored the participants’ accommodation, I got lucky enough to stay in the wonderful Inbal Jerusalem Hotel. It is a five-star work of art located in the city center of Jerusalem. This is what the facade looks like:

I loved this place so much during my entire stay there. After long, grueling hours traveling from Manila to Jerusalem, it just welcomed me with open arms, and I practically ran and got swallowed in its luxurious surroundings. It was very spacious and tastefully decorated. I had two twin beds put together all to myself (wish I had the hubby and kid with me then!). My beautiful room overlooked the hotel patio, which was great, but which I would have traded for a view of the Old City. Well, couldn’t complain. This became my home for four days.

The bathroom was also very impressive and clean (although I didn’t get to take a picture) with all the wonderfully smelling toiletries. There were complimentary fruits and water, as well as everyday morning papers. Internet connection was very fast and reliable. You can even order room service or schedule a spa appointment online. Staff were also really, really nice.

Five stars!!

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