Heritage Tour

On my second trip to Iloilo this month, I was able to go around and see what Iloilo City and its nearby towns have to offer. I went around on a heritage tour with the group we arranged a conference for. It was an authentic cultural journey, and while I am no architecture buff nor critic, I was definitely in awe of the beauty of the facade, trusses, buttresses, altar, and the structures in general. I marveled at the love the Ilonggos have put into preserving their heritage as seen in the perfectly kept and maintained sites. Everything stands majestic, and will always remind us of eras that shaped our history, and contributed to what we are now as a nation.

First stop: Molo Church

Second stop: Casa Mariquit. Old home of a branch of the Lopez Family. My camera starting conking out and producing very blurry images (which was really weird). Settings went ok as soon as we got out of the place.

Third stop: Barquillos-making demo and authentic pancit molo at the Deocampo’s

Fourth stop: Jaro Cathedral where the belfry stands across and apart the main church

Fifth stop: local weaving center

Sixth stop: The famous Miag-ao Church, one of UNESCO’s heritage sites in the Philippines.

Didn’t get to take a photo of Tigbauan Church, which was just as magnificent as the others.