Proudly Pinoy

No matter you did not get the title, we are proud of you Jessica!

After David Cook’s (shoot me :)) reign some years back, I sort of lost interest in following American Idol again. But it got piqued again as soon as this little sixteen year old half Filipino, half Mexican, US-born and bred girl began doing wonderfully in the Top 12. Everyone thought she as a goner halfway through the competition, but got saved by the trio of judges (Jennifer Lopez rocks!!). Thanks to her continued superb performance all throughout the season, and the support of the multitude of Filipinos, Mexicans and Americans, she almost reached the top spot. Her renditions of “Dance with my Father”, “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”, “And I am Telling You I’m Not Going”, “My All” gave all of us the “goosies”. What power her voice packs!

But then, American teenage girls got in the way, and voted for the blonde, all-American dude, and Jessica settled for second. Oh well, it was a great journey for someone as young as her. Everyone predicts she’s got her career in front her anyway.

Continue making us proud, kid!

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