In sad and happy times

Our family had a quick swimming spree yesterday in a nearby resort called Paradiso Terrestre. There was not much planning involved. I, especially, just wanted to celebrate my mom’s and my birthday (we always do this back-to-back), and Mothers’ Day with no fuss. So distance and ease were the primary reasons for choosing this venue. We didn’t have much chance to see the place in its entirety but it looked good and well-maintained. There was lush foliage, and an abundance of water fountains. There were also several restaurants, as well as rooms for people who want to check in. It has two pools–a kiddie and the normal, adult pool.

For Php100 per head (with discounts for senior citizens), and a Php400 rented plastic table and chairs, happiness is indeed cheap. As expected, the toddler’s excitement was beyond words. She just couldn’t contain herself as she splashed and pretended she could swim.

Getting her out of the water was another story, though. She just looked so pitiful.

She went on wailing quietly on the way home. As normal as kids could be, she wanted to stay in the water longer. But it was getting hot, and as I said, this was not really planned. I sort of made it up to her by bringing her to the mall to ride on toy animals. But she still kept saying she wanted to swim. Hay my baby, we’ll go back soon.