Heritage Tour

On my second trip to Iloilo this month, I was able to go around and see what Iloilo City and its nearby towns have to offer. I went around on a heritage tour with the group we arranged a conference for. It was an authentic cultural journey, and while I am no architecture buff nor critic, I was definitely in awe of the beauty of the facade, trusses, buttresses, altar, and the structures in general. I marveled at the love the Ilonggos have put into preserving their heritage as seen in the perfectly kept and maintained sites. Everything stands majestic, and will always remind us of eras that shaped our history, and contributed to what we are now as a nation.

First stop: Molo Church

Second stop: Casa Mariquit. Old home of a branch of the Lopez Family. My camera starting conking out and producing very blurry images (which was really weird). Settings went ok as soon as we got out of the place.

Third stop: Barquillos-making demo and authentic pancit molo at the Deocampo’s

Fourth stop: Jaro Cathedral where the belfry stands across and apart the main church

Fifth stop: local weaving center

Sixth stop: The famous Miag-ao Church, one of UNESCO’s heritage sites in the Philippines.

Didn’t get to take a photo of Tigbauan Church, which was just as magnificent as the others.

Proudly Pinoy

No matter you did not get the title, we are proud of you Jessica!

After David Cook’s (shoot me :)) reign some years back, I sort of lost interest in following American Idol again. But it got piqued again as soon as this little sixteen year old half Filipino, half Mexican, US-born and bred girl began doing wonderfully in the Top 12. Everyone thought she as a goner halfway through the competition, but got saved by the trio of judges (Jennifer Lopez rocks!!). Thanks to her continued superb performance all throughout the season, and the support of the multitude of Filipinos, Mexicans and Americans, she almost reached the top spot. Her renditions of “Dance with my Father”, “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”, “And I am Telling You I’m Not Going”, “My All” gave all of us the “goosies”. What power her voice packs!

But then, American teenage girls got in the way, and voted for the blonde, all-American dude, and Jessica settled for second. Oh well, it was a great journey for someone as young as her. Everyone predicts she’s got her career in front her anyway.

Continue making us proud, kid!

The shortest provincial trip

Spent more or less two hours on this tiny island off the coast of Iloilo City. I was surprised that the banca ride to Guimaras cost only seven pesos. But then again, we reached the other side of the sea in fifteen minutes or thereabouts. It was just too bad my feet didn’t even touch sand nor water, nor my eyes saw the wondrous beaches. It was during these times that I miss my fellow beach aficionados–Allen, Cheng, Bel, IC, Thea…where are you guys when I need you? lol. Haven’t been to the beach in the longest time.

Anyway, a quick, quick stop it was. We were just there for the mangoes anyhow, but also went to see and pay homage at the Trappist Monastery.

Going around in style :p

The world famous mangoes (took home about four kilos)

I shall return.

In sad and happy times

Our family had a quick swimming spree yesterday in a nearby resort called Paradiso Terrestre. There was not much planning involved. I, especially, just wanted to celebrate my mom’s and my birthday (we always do this back-to-back), and Mothers’ Day with no fuss. So distance and ease were the primary reasons for choosing this venue. We didn’t have much chance to see the place in its entirety but it looked good and well-maintained. There was lush foliage, and an abundance of water fountains. There were also several restaurants, as well as rooms for people who want to check in. It has two pools–a kiddie and the normal, adult pool.

For Php100 per head (with discounts for senior citizens), and a Php400 rented plastic table and chairs, happiness is indeed cheap. As expected, the toddler’s excitement was beyond words. She just couldn’t contain herself as she splashed and pretended she could swim.

Getting her out of the water was another story, though. She just looked so pitiful.

She went on wailing quietly on the way home. As normal as kids could be, she wanted to stay in the water longer. But it was getting hot, and as I said, this was not really planned. I sort of made it up to her by bringing her to the mall to ride on toy animals. But she still kept saying she wanted to swim. Hay my baby, we’ll go back soon.

Almost halfway through

About a month and a half since construction started, the house is also halfway through. Although the contract says an estimate of five months to finish up, we are holding on the actual contractor’s word that it will be complete in two and a half considering they started late than what was initially agreed upon (March instead of January). We’re very happy to see that the provisions for the second storey are now underway, whopeee!

We’ve also taken out the loan from the bank last week, which is expected to be released on May 30. So Crown Asia, no reason for you to dilly-dally, alright? Hindi kami nagtatapon ng pera, at butil ng pawis ang ipambabayad dyan. Kung may problema sa contractor at sa incompetent staff, problema nyo siguro yun ‘no? Please do not take us for a ride.

Barney’s Space Adventure

Been away too long again. Had my hands full mostly with work, having to head a conference in Iloilo City last week. This took me away from the family, and from the Internet. So now I have backlogs again with my blogging. I have yet to upload photos from the trip. Also wanted to post about how my little girl is doing magnificently in school, and how Mama and I have been continuously arguing about doing things for her, like bringing her school, etc., and how it affects her independence and her performance in school. We’ve also taken more steps into making our home really ours.

But first things first. Before I had to fly out, hubby and I brought Mischa to go see one of her greatest loves at this point in her life–Barney! We headed off to the Aliw Theatre one hot Saturday to see him and his friends live. You couldn’t imaging the look on her face–it was priceless! When I first found out some months ago that the show will be brought to the Philippines, it took me only like five seconds to whip out my credit card and buy tickets online. While we are currently scrimping on expenses because of the upcoming barrage of house related things we have to buy/secure/build, I really couldn’t pass up the opportunity to give this to my daughter. And boy, was it worth it! I only wished that kids had some kind of discount. Lugi pa nga kami since Mischa didn’t want to sit down. So I shelled out the one thousand bucks to have our bags sit. Much like the HS$60 stroller in Disneyland last year. Oh well, we don’t this often anyway. And as I said, I would gladly hand over hard-earned money for the sake of my kid. And it was some sort of prize for her good behavior in school.

It was also nice to sit beside n@wie sis, Pia and her son, Sky. I am glad to see Mischa relating better to other kids now, too. I credit that to going to school as she is slowly developing her social skills, and “maturing” a little bit. She is beginning to realize now that she is not the only kid on the block, and that not all things she could get her hands on are hers.