In full swing

We visit our project as much as we can (which means weekends) to see how far along we are to, you know, living our dream. We have had some issues about the developer starting late, but nevertheless, we are grateful that things are moving along fine now.

During our last visit, Mischa and I stayed in the car because of the damn heat. It was just too much for us. Anyway, looking around the area, a wave of emotion just passed over me. I dunno, there was just a swell of happiness, eagerness and a kind of wistfulness as I looked at our half-finished home. I surveyed the area, and saw that construction was in full swing. In less than a year, that parcel of a land has grown from this, which I first introduced last year:

to this (pardon the blurry shot. as I said, it was taken inside the car):

It felt great looking at progress. One can see the various states of construction. Some are half-finished like ours, need only roofs, while others are just starting from scratch. The sounds of pounding, sawing, scraping are music to one’s ears as the noises mean growth. What once before was a silent, barren land, is slowly becoming a booming village. Maybe it is not just about building houses, it is more of building communities, and raising families. I imagine the sun shining brightly on all the homes built, with flowers in full bloom in gardens, kids running around, men washing cars, the faint hint of breakfast cooking, the whir of washers all around. Malapit na. I can almost taste the warm, happy air.

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