Mischa had a chance to go play at one of those structured playrooms inside the malls. It was a new experience for both of us what with having to share toys and the play area. Being an only child, she is used to free play–preferring to play with “real stuff” of adults rather than her numerous toys, and has limited social skills when it comes to playing with other kids. While she sometimes sees and gets to spend time with cousins on her father’s side, these are usually big enough kids whom you can already chide gently if playing gets rough.

So it was a bit weird when you had to share space and stuff with complete strangers, especially when other kids are rough, or rude. It took several ounces of restraint to tell off kids who kept on bumping me or Mischa, or shoving us out of the way so they could go first. All of those times we were there, questions such as “where are these kids’ manners, or what are they teaching them at home” keep rolling around my head. Of course, I kept my mouth shut the whole time seeing as the kids are not mine to discipline.

On the one hand, there were nice kids, too. There was this one girl who was slightly bigger than Mischa who kept on shyly glancing at her and offering her the toys, and looked like she wanted to make friends.

I wonder what kinds of friends will my daughter keep? I hope to God she chooses well. I so felt like I was in a real parent’s shoes who wants to check out and approve/disapprove of the company she will have. It was unnerving to say the least, that I am beginning to think and having second thoughts about letting her out into the real world.

Suffice to say, it would be an understatement that Mischa enjoyed herself what with the flailing arms and legs when I had to get her away from the toys when it was time to go.

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