It’s quiet on the homefront

Been enjoying the last two days in the company of the two most important people in my life. I hardly dare breathe in case my happy bubble bursts. But well, I just must enjoy the hours before we all go back to reality come Easter Tuesday. Whoa, listen to me gripe. I am becoming melancholic when I should just be savoring every minute spent away from all that stress.

Anyhow, I dragged the hubby and the toddler yesterday to Sta. Clara Church in Katipunan so I could do the Way of the Cross. Haven’t done this in a really loooong time though it’s a little hard to reflect when there is a toddler very keen on running around the place. Wanted to do the rounds of Churches so I could do the Visita Iglesia at the same time but the husband was not up to it. Sayang, maybe we could do it next year. Wanted to go the Tagaytay rounds if we’re lucky.

Went to the house in Taytay. Can’t even begin to describe how I miss that place. Full of good (and bad) memories (but memories just the same). I keep on asking Mischa is she still remembers the place. She must have. I can’t believe we have been away for so long. I can almost see Mischa when she was still a baby. She learned how to sit, stand, walk, run there. Masakit talaga yung kurot sa puso. I sometimes wish we could go back. Di ko na lang alam kung papaano.

Today we stayed in, and was warmly (or rather hotly) cocooned in the brother’s condo. Played my favorite role of being Super Inday. I love that we have very little worries, and the days are carefree. It’s good to wake up, and cuddle, and tickle, and feel our three sets of tangled arms, hair, and kisses. Sigh, it seems like I am always, always praying to have more of these times. I wish we could always stay in bed like this.

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