From toddler to pre-schooler

We are now officially sending a kid to school! Yay! Over the weekend, we crossed off one item from our to-do list, and enrolled Mischa in Nursery. Just like that, my baby is crossing over to being a pre-schooler, and leaving toddlerhood behind. I guess this is the start of another climb for us parents as we graduated from having a toddler to now caring for a school-age kid. They just grow up so darn fast! My days at work seem to be going at a snail’s pace all the time, but the rate the months and years watching my daughter grow and progress are just awfully fast, I am almost panting trying to keep up. Truth be told, I could just have kept her at home this year, and delay her going to school for another year when she turns four. However, her needs (especially to be her with kids her own age) must take over my own selfish reasons of keeping her a baby for a year more. Even if I wanted to shelter her forever, especially as alarming news after alarming news of crimes dominate all forms of media today, I need to let her go out little by little, albeit under a watchful eagle eye. It’s the only way to live.

We have slowly told her the news. She didn’t want to go to school (months before, she announced the news that she will not go to school, instead go straight to work, which elicited one of my longest laughing spells ever), but she’s excited to go to Nursery. hehe. And as preparation for June classes, the small school in our village we chose to give her her secondary education (I am the first teacher of course), is giving summer “practice” classes.

This little mommy is excited and scared!

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