Just because

I felt like being the superstar wife, mother and daughter last Saturday. Ako na! Ako na ang domestic! lol. Maybe it has something to do with wanting to take away the stress at work so I kept my hands and mind sooo busy. Or I was plain happy to be with my kid (as always). Or maybe it was because for the first time in weeks, my whole family was complete after Mama and Dad have been attending to my sick aunt in Manila during weekends. Whatever. I was just glad to be home.

Aside from the laundry, a lot of tidying up, and providing about three-fourths of my attention to the toddler at hand, much of the weekend was spent slaving over the hot stove, and whipping up not-so-usual fares for the family. I missed pottering around in “my” kitchen when we used to live on our own (I will have more of these kitchen jobs soon). But for now, I did what I had to do in my mom’s lair.

Pasta with shrimp in olive oil
Shrimp and garlic pasta in oil
Hungarian sausage pasta
Hungarian sausage pasta
Fish tempura
Fish tempura
Marble potatoes
Marble potatoes

Got inspiration from the net, of course. After this, I promise to do more cooking at home.

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