Yes!! Finally!! We broke ground yesterday. I have previously ranted and agonized here and here about the delay of project home. But now, we are celebrating that things are finally rolling. There are still rough patches with the developer but we are just glad that we are seeing some progress. We even decided, on the spot, to skip a few hours of work as soon as the contractor called to say they will do the buhos. I am thankful I have a VERY demanding, but understanding boss 🙂

We passed by the site yesterday morning, bringing along the kid and my parents, before coming to work just so we could witness as the the first blobs of the mixture of cement and gravel hit the ground. I do not think that either of us has an ounce of Chinese blood in our bodies nor are we a superstitious couple, but we consulted people and our elders, about rituals. We did away with the killing of chicken and smearing of fresh blood (who still does this??), but we said a lot prayers, and threw in coins, rice and salt all over the foundation. These were simple acts but very significant to our family as they signify another milestone of our family’s life. Our happiness right is beyond words right now. It even rained and we felt even more blessed by the good Lord.

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