At last!

The day I started ranting here about how slow things are going with our developer, we got word that they finally, finally started digging the place, and making it ready for construction. So today, we trooped to the village, and because we were getting antsy about the construction of the house, you couldn’t imagine the giddiness I felt upon seeing this:

I know it’s still not much. But to us, it is the start of our dreams coming true! I couldn’t wait till it is truly finished. Contractor said (I do hope they will keep their promises from hereon) that they will be calling us next week for the groundbreaking.

I peeked into next door neighbor’s house, which is the same model as ours, and began to think, and plan, again of all the stuff we will be bringing in. The hubby and I began to visualize where we would everything go, what to do with the garage, the garden, etc. Oohhh so excited!

Our lot is to the left of this house. See all our neighbors yet?

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