We had our annual teambuilding more than three weeks ago. But haven’t blogged about any of it yet since I am again going through those mental-block-because-of-stress-at-work experiences. So I haven’t had the chance, and the inclination for that matter, to write lately.

Anyway, this year, we had a Motown-themed teambuilding at a mountain resort in Rizal, overlooking the Laguna de Bay. Many of us were not even born yet when the cool, easy and colorful era happened. So we each tried our best to come up with the best depiction of how we think people looked like in the late 60s to the 70s. Will write more about the place, our activities, and other whatnots as soon as I get my groove back. For the meantime, here I am leaving you with these two photos of how we looked like in some of the activities:

I was part of the blue team. For the cheering, we dressed up like this:

…and danced to the tunes of Rolly Polly and Ring my Bell.

And we all dressed to the nines for dinner, and the party afterwards. Here is me with my team:

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