My toddler is well on her way to being a big kid. It makes me both so proud and sad. A parent will always tell anybody who would listen about his or her kid’s milestones, which I happily do anytime I have the chance. But there is also that nostalgic feeling of seeing your child unfold from a tiny thing to that independent and capable being–almost as if in a flash. They do grow up sooo awfully fast sometimes you feel like you’ve hardly caught your breath before they begin to exhibit yet another milestone. I wrote a few days ago about how my own Mischa has been showing signs of being firm, and well, a bit ornery. While we look over, eagle-eyed, over her developing personality, for the most part, we let her be.

But apart from being very “decisive”, we have noticed how she can do many, many things on her own. It proves to be messy at times, or it takes much more time to finish, such as when eating on her own, drinking from a cup on her own (half of it usually spills), removing or putting on her jammies, washing her hands in the lavatory, and other simple, day-to-day activities, but it definitely makes our hearts swell (and my eyes well hehehe) with pride. My practical sense sometimes wages a war with my desire to let her learn, never mind we have to clean up afterwards, or do things all over again.

I guess these are times that I begin to “let go” of my kid so that she learns on her own. I know I cannot be there for her all the time, but of course, letting go is easier than done. Mothers like me have natural instincts to do things so that there will be no need for the child to have any difficulties. But this is impossible. I know, and it hurts even thinking about it, that she is bound to get hurt in the future. She’s bound to stumble and fall, and no matter how I try to cushion it, she has to learn on her own. I can only teach her how to stand back up again. I once read somewhere that one of the things a parent can do to make sure that their children have a hard time in the future, is to make things easy for them now.

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