Le Bar

I mentioned that we hit our third year mark as partners for life. My work load that week didn’t give me much room to prepare for a nice celebration. I was dog tired after being hunched all day over my computer preparing our division work plan for the whole agency’s strategic planning and I wasn’t expecting it at all. I thought I was done for the day, and ready to hit the sack. So imagine my surprise when the hubby actually surprised me with a nice dinner at the Le Bar in Sofitel! Yay! I was grinning all throughout. All along, I thought the romantic streak in him had died the day we walked down the aisle. lol.

We were late for his reservation but thank God it was a quiet Wednesday so there weren’t that many people around. The ground floor where the infamous Spiral used to be looked a little forlorn. In its heyday, every inch of the place used to be occupied as the restaurant’s buffet offerings were legendary. Tureens upon tureens of international cuisines stretched as far as the eye could see. People flock to the place for special occasions, or if they simply want to enjoy the gustatory experience. The unfortunate lashing of typhoon Pedring last September washed the place down, though. Although the hotel has restored the area, it wasn’t as alive and vibrant as only a smattering of couches grace the place.

Anyways, off we went to Le Bar on the next floor. It was a more subdued but nonetheless elegant dining arena. There was a little library in an alcove, while another side has shelves of wines. It likewise offers a buffet set-up but it didn’t so much live up to the hype of Spiral. Still, we were happy to be there to quietly spend our milestone. A few others were celebrating birthdays, and I saw some couples deep in conversations, or their dinners.

While the food was superb, the selection is not as extensive as Spiral. I was especially looking for a pasta bar! On hindsight, it had been a good thing as I was not able to stuff myself silly with unnecessary carbs. But the Japanese selection was great, as well as the selection of hams and cheeses. These were just divine! Also didn’t get to try the Chinese side. There was just no more room in this tummy anymore. Lugi talaga ako sa buffet. There were a lot I didn’t get to try. The dinner also came with a nice cup of brewed coffee. Perfect period to all the sinful food.

All in all, the experience, more than the food, made the evening really special. It was also good to dine without fussing over a little one (sorry kid).

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