“Not all Thai foods are spicy.”

So goes the slogan of Soi. The restaurant specializing in Thai cuisine has been around for a while now but there is a newly opened branch at the Mall of Asia, which we got to try. The problem with only the two of us (hubby and I) eating out is that we could not order so many dishes even if we want to try a lot because it’s just so much waste if we couldn’t finish. That leaves us with only a few to satisfy our gustatory cravings.

Soi is actually very good. As we are not that into spicy food, but wanted to veer away from the usual Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Continental and Italian, we chose the lesser evils (hehe). Sometimes I feel some hesitation delving into Thai since it looks so vegetarian and healthy that it may not be flavorful. But I was pleasantly surprised about how wonderful the food turned out! There was that just right hotness, saltiness and sweetness. I don’t normally like cloying, sugary taste in entrees. For me, sweet should be reserved for desserts or after-dinner coffee or tea.

Anyway, we’ll come back for more at Soi. It just whet my appetite for other Asian dishes.

Cute centerpiece

Eggplant with Tofu

Chicken in green curry

Pad Thai

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