One of my best gal’s wedding

She and I saw each other through heartbreaks, dates, failed relationships, kilig moments, and other ups and downs of the right path to everlasting love. We were there through tears, countless cigarettes, bottles of beers as we cheered or patted each other on the back, together with our close-knit group at work. But as I said to her, God is good all the time. No matter how our past was littered with hurts, it was really for us to appreciate and prepare our future. It may sound so cliche, but really, everything happens for a reason. The pain was all so worth it!

I am so happy for one of my dearest friends. It was so good watching her walk down the aisle with her tween daughter, Nicole. I wish I could have been there to witness her love life bloom. But as fate would have her, they met in Dubai where she has been working since 2008, at about the same time, I began my own love story. That bus stop where they would start their own tale is one for the books.

Best wishes mare. Cheers!

Busy Iloilo

My trip to Iloilo was short, frenetic but nevertheless, insightful. As with all the other places I’ve been to (you can check out my Lakbayan score on the right widget of this site hehe), I always, always learn a lot–positive or negative. I really wish I had stayed long enough to savor this busy cultural and economic hub in this side of the Visayas. But as time and budget only permitted, I only got an overnighter. Didn’t see much, save for the hotels I had to inspect for a conference we will be holding in the middle of the year. And, as I and a colleague flitted from rooms, suites, conference facilities, in-house restaurants, to museums for a side tour, it broke my heart that I wasn’t able to visit, enter and marvel at all the wonderful churches Iloilo is famed for. It didn’t help my cause that it was the start of the Dinagyang festival since many major roads were closed to give way to the parade. Well, so much for that. I will be back by April or May though. So I will make sure that I will be able to explore more places by then. Wait for me, Iloilo!

What I really found true, though, is that Ilonggos are really malambing when talking to you, with a few exceptions of course. They have soft, lilting voices that almost caresses you. Even those on the streets! How much more if it was somebody you

Anyway, I was glad I had my fill of:

Tatoy’s, a seaside restaurant on the outskirts of Molo

A wonderful bowl of Deco’s La Paz batchoy

Also had really wonderful meal at Afrique’s, an Italian restaurant in the new Smallville business district

Another thing I got impressed with in the city is its world-class airport. It was like a smaller version of the Terminal 3 airport in Manila. Best domestic airport in the Philippines by far, after Cebu and Davao.


“Not all Thai foods are spicy.”

So goes the slogan of Soi. The restaurant specializing in Thai cuisine has been around for a while now but there is a newly opened branch at the Mall of Asia, which we got to try. The problem with only the two of us (hubby and I) eating out is that we could not order so many dishes even if we want to try a lot because it’s just so much waste if we couldn’t finish. That leaves us with only a few to satisfy our gustatory cravings.

Soi is actually very good. As we are not that into spicy food, but wanted to veer away from the usual Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Continental and Italian, we chose the lesser evils (hehe). Sometimes I feel some hesitation delving into Thai since it looks so vegetarian and healthy that it may not be flavorful. But I was pleasantly surprised about how wonderful the food turned out! There was that just right hotness, saltiness and sweetness. I don’t normally like cloying, sugary taste in entrees. For me, sweet should be reserved for desserts or after-dinner coffee or tea.

Anyway, we’ll come back for more at Soi. It just whet my appetite for other Asian dishes.

Cute centerpiece

Eggplant with Tofu

Chicken in green curry

Pad Thai

New boarders

Meet Mischa’s newest favorites:

Ever since she saw the aquarium at my sister-in-law’s place, she wouldn’t stop asking us to buy her fish. We figured, why not? And so we decided to start off with the little fish bowl one of my kumares gave us. I got a little surprise when we bought a couple gold fishes, and some little plastic plants to give the bowl and its inhabitants a homey feel–the little creatures cost only five pesos! But the look on the little girl’s face when she saw the fishes–priceless!!

We’re going to see if we could maintain having these, and if we could go on to those really cool tanks with a more varied and colorful fishes.

Couldn’t come up with really witty names, though. Help?

On my nightstand now

Got this for Christmas, and began reading only now. While I got excited at the prospect of sitting down, or lying in bed, with a good book, any working mother would tell you how hard it is to get a minute to yourself when you have an active toddler demanding your darn attention. And as soon as she conks out, my thought would be not to open books or the television so that I could catch up on my crime shows, but to join her in dreamland.

Anyway, after sitting on a shelf for the last two weeks, Steve Jobs finally made it to my hands. I’m excited. And I’m hopeful. I’ve been looking for a little pick me up since we came back into the office since I’ve been feeling so lousy and down. I am eager to get inspired by how he changed the world!