Lugang Cafe

This will probably be my last post for the year. In a few hours, we will be welcoming 2012, the year of the water dragon. I do hope it brings more blessings and luck for our family. I am so looking forward to leaving 2011, which brought me to some heart/headaches although there were a lot of good parts, too.

Anyway, to close crazyshopaholic for the year, would like to post about Lugang Cafe. A branch of the authentic Chinese restaurant recently opened at the Mall of Asia, and was dying to try it out since my eye got caught by its beautifully done interiors. Elegant chandeliers and modern furniture adorn the huge area. There is even a mezzanine! But our visit at this time was quite forgettable–we brought Mischa to the office that day to play with other kids of colleagues, then we had to run errands and buy last minute gifts so were very exhausted as the day winded up. But the toddler was not. Her energy was still running high, and I had to keep her from banging on the tables and walls. The ending–I didn’t get to enjoy much the food we had.

Pork and Shrimp Shumai

Crusted Fish Fillet

As I said, my world did not do much for me. Or as I said, maybe I was just distracted and tired. I’d like to try the bistro again soon. Maybe I’ll have more luck with our food.

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