Romulo Cafe

My mother’s side of the family met over the weekend at Romulo Cafe, one of those ancestral-homes-turned-restaurant. It looks nondescript on the outside, being located in a quiet residential area in Quezon City, but has really sleek and chic interiors. I would have wanted to for us to stay in one of their cool function rooms, but alas, none was available as it was Christmas season after all.

Out of the five families raised by my maternal grandparents, only two of us have been meeting in the last couple of years–only the eldest and youngest, and their offsprings now. We have been “estranged” with the second family in the last decade following the death of their parents, and the third due to telenovela types of conflicts. (Don’t all families have these to some degree?). An aunt, however, remains in the United States, where she has raised all of her kids and grandkids. If I were to sum, there should have been five children, five in-laws (one unofficial), ten grandchildren (one adopted), six grandchildren-in-law (one unofficial), and nine great-grandchildren. Whew! I hope the time comes that fate will bring all of us under a single roof.

Anyway, back to Cafe Romulo. As with previous visits, I am beginning to wonder why I haven’t been able to have decent photos of all the food that I had. This time, only photographed the appetizers, as we didn’t want the whole clan to wait while we shoot the entrees.

Pomelo salad

Tinapa rolls

Bangus Pate

And my Romulo favorite, Cool as a Cucumber:

Dining at Romulo’s is always good. Aside from the beautifully done interiors with the black and white portraits, the service is excellent. The Filipino cuisine, which the restaurant is famous for, is wonderfully traditional. Dining room is brightly lit, and the restrooms are just amazing. Always worth coming back to. I was glad we met here for Christmas.

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