Just another starbucks planner

I have always gotten involved in the craze to fill up a little Starbucks card every November with stickers just so I could lay my greedy hands on a featured planner. I think I have owned each ever since forever, halting only when I was pregnant last 2008 and couldn’t gobble that much caffeine. I got this and this in the last two years. The thing is, I usually tire of them halfway through the year, and the poor thing would be left looking forlorn. This year especially, I turned to my trusty blackberry for my daily schedule and tasks, which is way more handy than the planner. So I must be a schmuck for letting myself get hooked on the quest to fill that card again.

I was not able to take photos of my own planner so I grabbed photos from Cosmo.ph., but from among Starbucks’ offering of eco- and tree-inspired materials this year, I got the Cherry. I wanted something in a darker shade (Spruce), which was unfortunately unavailable at that time. Didn’t want to get the pale Poplar and Bamboo. Each planner has its own envelope container made of some fiber, and there were the usual coupons inside.

Hmmm, I don’t sound that excited anymore after downing that much Cranberry White Chocolates (this year’s new holiday brew), do I?

Now, I’m seriously considering passing the coveted planner to the husband and getting one of these instead:


Belle du Jour

I’m some kind of weird.

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