The Little Mermaid

Since I’ve put off doing a review right after watching The Little Mermaid musical last Saturday, I am now at a loss for words. lol. My brother Mico asked me to go see it since he “bought” the show to sell. And so we indulged. And I was not at all sorry. I don’t know if it’s just because I haven’t really had the time and luxury to go out (although I’ve been warming up in the last few months, being able to go out now without being overwhelmed with my feelings of guilt with the time I feel I was stealing from Mischa), but I enjoyed myself. Of course, musicals are really worth something as there is just perfect happiness in letting songs and melodies wash away your worries even for a while. While Rachelle Ann Go as Ariel, and Erik Santos as Prince Eric, did good as the lead characters, it was really Sebastian (played by OJ Simpson) who put a smile on my face that night. Although I find their movements a tad awkward, especially Ariel, as she tried sashaying like a fish but with feet. I’d rather have her pushed and moved round the stage on a makeshift platform at panindigan nang walang paa ang mermaid para makatotohanan. Oh well, as long as the songs were done good, I was okay with the whole thing. I am no professional critic, I was just there to enjoy, and let the songs of one of my favorite cartoons bring me back to my childhood.

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