First family pictorial

After a Christmas party two weekends ago, the three of us trooped to our very first family photo shoot. While I am so vain and just love having my picture taken, we have normally foregone formal pictorials, such as maternity shoots, newborn shots and other milestone events except our very own pre-nuptial shoot. So I was quite excited for the little girl. Very unfortunately though, as I think I have mentioned here previously, Mischa just detests being fawned over. You can take a look at her first birthday photos and see for yourself. Anyway, this shoot was fun for the hubby and I. We chose to do a Christmas-y theme. Our photographer, who seems nice and comfortable enough with kids, however, always took awhile before shooting away. She might have caught those smiles from my daughter had she not been waiting for Mischa to actually smile. Candid should have been the name of the game! As any two-year would do, Mischa just couldn’t stay put and kept on moving, moving!

Oh well, hoping to post the photos soon. We took a look at them in the studio but they weren’t giving out digital copies unless you buy from them. That’s just the bummer.

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