Yutaka Izakaya

One of our colleagues celebrated his birthday last week. He took us out to this almost hidden Japanese restaurant along Taft Avenue just across De La Salle University. One wouldn’t even know it was there unless you came looking for it. I guess the place has its own loyal following that it doesn’t mind being as inconspicuous as it was. But oh, the food was just awesome, authentic Japanese cuisine. And real cheap, too. Although Lance pre-ordered for us (in keeping with his budget hehe), a glance at the menu showed that an order of maki, for example, costs only Php95 for eight pieces, while an order of salmon sashimi is only Php180 for eight pieces, too. Ain’t these great deals? We all went home with really bloated and happy tummies. Thank you dear Lance! It’s a good thing you’re a real foodie.

Mixed sashimi and maki platter

The interior (although we did not eat here, Lance reserved a function room for us)

The partygoers

The new love team. I have high hopes for you dudes. Please do not let us down. lol

Of course, we would not do away with the group shot

photos by frenzfries

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